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November 01, 2005

Prawn harvest nets excitement

A freshwater Malaysian prawn from DW&J Shrimp Co. in Johnston County (Becky Kirkland photos)

Mike Frinsko, area aquaculture agent from Jones County, was on hand in September and October as the DW&J Shrimp Co. of Johnston harvested its fresh-water Malaysian prawns. The farm was featured in an article in August.

The farm held three harvest days this fall. Before dawn, they began draining ponds. As water got low, prawns began shooting out into a concrete catch basin, where they were netted, weighed and placed in tanks to be transported to a sales and processing area. As the shrimp were purchased, they were passed along to a processing line where heads were removed. Heads on, the prawns sold for $8 a pound.

The prawns are different from marine shrimp. In addition to being larger, the meat is more the consistency of lobster.

shrimp1.jpg Prawns are dumped into tank. Shrimp processing line
From top, Johnny Barbee nets the prawns as they flow into a catch basin from the pond where they were raised.

Once they are weighed, the prawns are put into tanks to be transported to the processing area.

Locals stop by to buy the fresh prawns on harvest day. Heads are removed on this processing line.

Posted by Natalie at November 1, 2005 08:00 AM