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March 22, 2006

Alamanac Gardener returns April 1

Mike Gray photo

Almanac Gardener begins its 23rd season on UNC-TV April 1 and runs for 20 weeks through August 12. The half-hour show airs Saturday at noon, with a rerun on Tuesday at 1:30 p.m.

The show is hosted by Mike Gray, Communication Services department head emeritus. Guest Cooperative Extension panelists include: Bill Lord, environmental agent, Franklin County; and horticultural agents Karen Neill, Guilford County; Linda Blue, Buncombe County; Emily Revels, Cumberland County; Sarah Ivy, Lee County; and Diane Ashburn, Henderson County.

As always Gray and panelists will answer viewer questions and award a coveted Almanac Gardener t-shirt to the on-air question of the week. Also, viewers can win a t-shirt by entering the Almanac Gardener Web quiz on the UNC-TV site.

With the current drought conditions across the state we'll be devoting several features to conserving water in the landscape and garden. Topics include:
"Choosing the Right Mulch for Your Landscape," Linda Blue
"Summer Landscape Water Conservation," Karen Neill
"Drip and Micro Irrigation," Karen Neill
"Building a Rain Barrel," Karen Neill
"Drought Tolerant Plants," Sarah Ivy

Other Almanac Gardener features on Protecting Our Streams (safe use of chemicals, fertilizers), Growing Summer Fruits and Vegetables (corn, egg plant, watermelons, grapes, peaches), Growing Organic Strawberries, Growing Shiitake Mushrooms, a tour of the West Bend Winery in Forsyth County, Ethnic Gardening, Poisonous Plants and Kid Safety, Mushroom Kits for Kids, Controlling Pantry Pests, Eight Steps to Take Before Using Pesticides, Colorful Fall Plantings, Renovating a Fall Fescue Lawn, Which to Plant..Sod or Grass, Growing Amaryllis, Cyclamen and Poinsettias; Building a Dry Stacked Stone Wall, and Solar Tools.

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