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May 18, 2006

EDEN course continues to improve ag biosecurity awareness

A major attack or natural outbreak on American farms could cost the economy millions in control responses and billions in economic damages. Mismanaging a biosecurity outbreak by not detecting it or not communicating appropriate information could increase damages. To address this issue, the Extension Disaster Education Network (EDEN) has an online course called “Plant Biosecurity Management.”

Now offering the 2006 edition, the course is geared toward Extension educators and specialists. However, it is readily usable by agricultural and horticultural producers, emergency managers, and public health officials who have a vested interest in plant biosecurity.

Developed for EDEN by the University of Missouri Extension with support from the USDA, the 2006 edition provides updated and timely resources, as well as preventative activities and current response efforts of Soybean Rust. The course is free of charge and designed to be taken at a user’s own pace. Completion time is approximately eight hours.

The six lessons focus on:
·the threat of both intentional and unintentional introduction of pests and pathogens to crops;
·how to mitigate plant biosecurity hazards and security risks to farm operations and agribusinesses;
·how to prepare for a rapid and appropriate response to a suspected plant biosecurity problem;
·what recovery activities to expect in the event a plant biosecurity problem is confirmed; and
·how to reduce the impact of a biosecurity event on humans, crops, property, and the environment.

Access to this course, as well as additional information, is available on the EDEN Web site at http://www.eden.lsu.edu/LearningOps. This course was created to be readily usable for a variety of Internet connections. Though recommended for 56K lines or higher, a lower connection speed of 24 K also has been successful.

Posted by Natalie at May 18, 2006 10:46 AM