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September 27, 2006

eXtension community of practice to focus on cotton

A group of cotton specialists from the Southern, Midwestern and Western United States have been accepted as eXtension’s newest volunteer Community of Practice (CoP). The Cotton community of practice comes to eXtension with broad support from the cotton industry, a large and diverse group with an interest in the production and manufacturing of raw cotton fiber and its by-products.

In 2003, over 170,000 U.S. cotton farms in 17 states produced over 18 million bales of cotton. Nationwide, the economic impact of cotton resulted in over $40 billion in revenue when considering the associated ginning, warehousing, and textile industries.

(Note: Randy Wells at N.C. State has temporarily taken resonsibility for cotton.)

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Posted by Natalie at September 27, 2006 01:04 PM