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August 07, 2007

Publications update from Communication Services

New publications are now available include the following:

· Conservation Tillage on Organic Farms, AGW-659-02, by Nancy Creamer. This 22-page online publication describes how cover crops affect the soil, how to establish cover crops, and how to manage their residue. It includes a review of the winter and summer cover crops recommended for North Carolina. The authors also discuss the economics of planting cover crops and some concerns to consider when planting cover crops. It is available only online at http://www.cefs.ncsu.edu/PDFs/Organic%20Production%20-%20Cover%20Crops.doc.

· Additives for Improving Hog Farm Air Quality, AG-686W, by Sanjay Shaw. North Carolina is the second largest producer of hogs in the United States, with an on-farm inventory of 9.5 million animals in December 2006. As the population grows and homes are built close to hog farms, homeowners complain about the air quality associated with hog production. In addition to smelling bad, high concentrations of some manure gases can also affect the health of the animals and workers. This publication focuses on additives used in shallow pits and lagoons to improve air quality by reducing emissions of ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, and VOCs. These additives include pH modifiers and acidifiers, digestive additives, oxidizing agents, disinfectants, adsorbents, enzyme inhibitors, saponins from yucca, and masking agents and counteractants. The eight-page publication is only available online at http://www.bae.ncsu.edu/programs/extension/publicat/wqwm/AG-686w.pdf.

· Potential Nitrogen Contributions from Septic Systems to North Carolina River Basins, TB-324, by Mike Hoover. This 52-page full-color bulletin describes research that investigated cumulative potential nitrogen loadings from septic systems in North Carolina's river basins based on 1990 census data. The findings include a data table and maps for each river basin indicating septic system density and potential nitrogen loadings by sub-basin. To receive a copy, contact Mike_Hoover@ncsu.edu.

· An Introduction to Forest Certification, WON-42, by Susan Moore. Forest certification is a third-party evaluation of the management of a forest. Certification systems assure the consumer that the product they are purchasing meets certain standards as verified by an independent evaluation. This eight-page publication describes forest certification systems, procedures and potential for landowners. Certification identifies land that is managed with a goal of sustainability. Like all Woodland Owner Notes, it is available through the Department of Forestry and Environmental Resources. It is online at http://www.ces.ncsu.edu/forestry/pdf/WON/won42.pdf. To order copies, contact Susan_Moore@ncsu.edu.

· Three of Godfrey Nalyanya’s brochures explaining the benefits of using IPM in schools have been reprinted and are again available through Communication Services. To order Get Tough on Pests in School Facilities, AG-631-3; Get Tough on Pests in Classrooms, AG-631-4; or Get Tough on Pests in Food Service Areas, AG-631-5, go to Extension’s online publications catalog at http://www.ces.ncsu.edu/xrdb.

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