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September 07, 2007

Publications update from Communication Services

Construction and Tree Protection, AG-685, by Robert Bardon, Mark Megalos, Kevin Miller, and Amy Graul, has been reprinted. This six-page publication describes tree protection strategies that builders and developers can use before, during, and after construction to conserve healthy trees. Communication action to encourage tree protection and reduce the risk of injuring or losing valuable trees is highlighted. It is available on the Web at http://www.ces.ncsu.edu/forestry/pdf/ag/ag685.pdf. To order printed copies, contact Robert_Barton@ncsu.edu or write Extension Forestry, Box 8003, Raleigh, NC 27695-8003.

Hay or Pasture: Instructor’s Guide for Teaching Economics of Forage Management, a 68-page Web-only guide by Geoff Benson, is now on the Web at http://www.ces.ncsu.edu/depts/agecon/hay_or_pasture/Intro.html. AG-684-W explains how you can conduct a workshop that will help livestock producers and others evaluate the costs and benefits of alternative forages and forage management strategies. It consists of an instructor's guide, PowerPoint slides to use in presenting the workshop, handouts for workshop activities, and other resource materials. A limited number of CDs were also produced. Contact Geoff_Benson@ncsu.edu if you require a CD.

Posted by Natalie at September 7, 2007 12:39 PM