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February 26, 2008

4-H camp gets makeover on Camp Challenge workday

4-H camp workday
Participants in the Camp Challenge work day line up for a cookout following hours of hard work completing many projects. (Photo courtesy of N.C. Bankers Association)

From the trimming of trees to the staining of structures to the building of bridges -- from demolition of the old to installation of the new -- the Sertoma 4-H Educational Center got an extreme makeover in late October. That’s when members, affiliates, and friends of the North Carolina Bankers Association gathered at the camp for the eighth annual Camp Challenge workday. More than 200 participants from across the state – along with two volunteers who traveled from Kentucky and one from California -- donated their time and skills to help make many improvements to the camp.

Among the projects completed were:
Cabin staining
Painting of Cheshire Hall bedrooms and inside the cafeteria
Demolition of sheds behind hotel and horse barn
Burial of computer wire from hotel to chapel, then dirt replacement and reseeding
Preliminary floor removal for eventual replacement in some cabins
Installation of new screen doors and replacement screens on youth cabins
Staining and cleaning of spring house and old fire circle
Trimming of trees around cabins, along roads and on trails
Landscaping of hotel, gym, chapel, front signs - trimming and mulch
Re-establishment of lower fire circle and new benches
Restoration of trail to springhouse/lower fire circle
Building of new bridge near the Spring House
Installation of car barrier between cabin circles
Stump removal
Tearing down of outhouses by high ropes
New guttering off rec hall
Connecting of computers in computer lab
Installation of fence toward new classroom
Replacement of side doors in rec hall
Installation of new basketball goals in the gym
Addition of mulch to control hill erosion

This workday took place after two days of solid rain. When the sun came out, Sertomans Ray Clarke, John Kelly and Janis Henderson-Hunsucker, along with Paul Stock and Shellie Lempert of the N.C. Bankers Association, dug up mud, made a trench and created a retaining wall out of landscape timbers in front of the Burlington cabin.

Participants had been assigned to teams prior to their arrival at the workday, when they gathered in front of Sertoma’s Cheshire Hall with their team leaders. They then worked diligently for several hours to complete the many improvements that will benefit campers this coming summer.

Posted by Natalie at February 26, 2008 11:16 AM