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February 12, 2008

Publications update from Communication Services

The following publications are now available:

Weed Management on Organic Farms (AG-659-7W) is now online at http://www.cefs.ncsu.edu/PDFs/WeedMgmtJan808Accessible.pdf
and http://www.cefs.ncsu.edu/PDFs/WeedMgmtJan808.doc.

Organic farmers cite weed management as their number one research priority. This 34-page publication, part of the Organic Production series, describes weed control strategies for organic farms based on weed characteristics and an integrated cropping system approach. A special section on cultivation practices that limit emerged and future weeds is based on research by the Center for Environmental Farming Systems.

Other titles available in the online Organic Production series include:
Composting on Organic Farms (AG-659-01W)
Conservation Tillage on Organic Farms (AG-659-02W)
Cover Crops for Organic Farms (AG-659-03W)
Crop Rotations on Organic Farms (AG-659-05W)
Soil Fertility on Organic Farms(AG-659-06W)
Soil Quality Considerations for Organic Farmers (AG-659-04W)
You will find links to all titles in the series at http://www.cefs.ncsu.edu/resourcesorganicproduction.htm.

Posted by Natalie at February 12, 2008 03:20 PM