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June 02, 2008

Three receive award for river video

New River graphic.jpg

Diana Rashash of North Carolina Cooperative Extension in Onslow County, Ken Ellzey of Communication Services, and Ed Jones, associate director and state program leader for ANR/CRD, have been recognized for the creation of a video about the New River in Onslow County. The three received an award from the Association of Natural Resource Extension Professionals at its meeting in Madison, Wis., in May. Rashash was executive producer, while Ellzey shot and edited the video. Ed Jones provided funding for this project.

The video, titled “Caring for a River . . . Onslow County's New River,” is a 32-minute program that explores ways a variety of groups -- government and volunteer -- work to take care of the New River in Onslow County. This is the largest river in the state that starts and ends in the same county.

The ANREP Awards Program fosters high standards among its members and helps expand the use of high-quality, innovative materials and programs by honoring the outstanding members and partners as well as the educational materials and programs they have developed. For more information, visit: http://anrep.org/awards

Posted by Natalie at June 2, 2008 03:27 PM