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April 13, 2010

NC A&T University is lead university on 4-H science experiment

N.C. A&T State University has been selected as the leading university for this year's 4-H National Science Experiment, which focuses on water quality and climate change.

Using a three-tiered experiment model, the experiment engages youth of all ages to learn at the simplest level how carbon dioxide can affect aquatic animals, plants and other living organisms in lakes, streams, rivers and oceans. These activities help facilitators lead discussions to help youth better understand climate change.

The experiment is designed to help youth take the activities and connect back to their lives by measuring their own carbon footprint, their family's footprint, and estimate energy savings by looking at gas and electric bills.

To read more, visit 4hlists.org/t/3927328/1166472/772/0/ 4-H.org to find the full news release about this year's experiment. The final experiment materials will be available to the 4-H community in late May.

Posted by Natalie at April 13, 2010 08:12 AM