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June 07, 2010

Extension publications now available

Several new and reprinted publications for Cooperative Extension are now available.

A new publication, Keeping Garden Chickens in North Carolina, is now available online. This 16-page publication gives information on choosing breeds for raising chickens at home, coop design, basic care, feeding and more. The publication was prepared by Anne D. Edwards and Donna K. Carver. Available online:

These new Extension publications are also available online:

AG-439-75W, Starter Phosphorus Fertilizer and Additives in NC Soils: Use, Placement and Plant Response
Prepared by Sheri Cahill, Deanna Osmond, Ronald Gehl, D. Hardy and Carl Crozier, Department of Soil Science
Decades of fertilizer application have led to phosphorus enrichment of most N.C. agricultural soils. Maintaining adequate soil P levels for crop growth can reduce P runoff, save money and protect the environment. Based on research with different N.C. crops and soils, the authors discuss plant response to starter P fertilizer, additives (such as AVAIL) and fertilizer placement. Available online:

AG-728-W, Optimizing Palmer Amaranth Control with Postemergence Herbicides
Prepared by David Jordan and Alan York, Department of Crop Science
Palmer amaranth pigweed can quickly dominate a field. Its control has become a major issue in many areas of North Carolina. Widespread resistance to ALS-inhibiting herbicides and to glyphosate has further increased the difficulty of control. This guide describes ways to optimize control of Palmer amaranth and other weeds when using postemergence herbicides. Available online:

These popular publications in the Estate Planning series have been reprinted. Send your order for copies to Jeanne Marie Wallace via fax (919.515.6938) or e-mail: jeannemarie_wallace@ncsu.edu

AG-688-01, How Do You Own Your Property?
Forms of property ownership can affect how and when property passes to your heirs and others with an interest in your estate. This four-page guide describes the different forms of property ownership and the property rights each form conveys.

AG-688-04, Your Estate Plan--Where to Begin
Estate planning begins with a series of questions that must be considered. This four-page guide includes those questions and tips on beginning the dialogue about your estate, developing objectives, compiling information and choosing a professional adviser.

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