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April 28, 2010

They're still coming

As the recession has slowed economic activity, it has also slowed the movement of households within the country. Has North Carolina seen a big change?

Dr. Mike Walden, North Carolina Cooperative Extension economist in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at N.C. State University, responds:

"Many of the regions, many regions of the country that were attracting a lot of folks -- so called in-migrants, folks that moved from one state to another -- they have really cooled off during the last couple of years. Parts of California, Florida, DC, Tennessee are examples; they are actually attracting many fewer people, or actually losing people compared to what they were doing prior to the recession.

"Not so, though, with North Carolina. If you look at a map of the U.S. and you look at regions of the country that are still attracting high levels of in-migrants, again people moving from one state to the other, you see two big areas of North Carolina that are continued strong and attracting folks: the Triangle and the Charlotte region.

"Now, the rate of growth from in-migration has definitely slowed down, but the Triangle and Charlotte are still at the top of the list -- top of the national list -- in terms of attracting folks from other states.

"And I think what this shows is that, despite the recession, economic fundamentals are viewed very strong here for the long run, so people want to come here to get jobs and pursue their future lives."

Posted by deeshore at April 28, 2010 09:31 AM