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Vermicompost conference will be in Durham June 4-5

May 07, 2009

Media Contact: Rhonda Sherman, 919-515-6770

The ninth annual N.C. State University Conference on Vermicomposting will be held in Durham, June 4-5. This conference, about worm farming and vermicomposting, is taught by industry experts and is a great opportunity for beginners or seasoned worm farm operators.

The conference will be held at the DPS Staff Development Center, Meeting Room M1, 2107 Hillandale Road, Durham.

The event will feature the latest research on the effects of worm castings and tea on plant growth and disease suppression, as well as how to effectively market worms and castings. Seasoned worm growers will share their personal experiences. There will be panel discussions, informal networking and other opportunities to get answers from industry experts and other growers.

Late Thursday afternoon, a field trip is scheduled to see an operation that sells worms, vermicompost and tea. The grower maintains 1,000 pounds of worms in four 42-foot beds and bags and sells vermicompost using a homemade harvester. Please indicate your interest in attending the field trip on the online registration form so that we may get an accurate head count.

Participants will learn about vermicomposting techniques and equipment used, including:

How to raise earthworms
Vermicomposting technologies
Benefits of vermicompost
Uses of vermicompost
Research studies of vermicompost
Marketing products
Testing vermicompost, soil and feedstocks
Brewing and using vermicompost tea
Class A stabilization of biosolids through vermicomposting

Click here for the conference Web site.

For questions about registration, please contact: Cathy Smith, 919-515-6780. For information about the conference program, contact Rhonda Sherman, 919-515-6770.

Posted by Suzanne at May 7, 2009 12:06 PM