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Zeiss Axiovert workstation

This workstation is equipped with a Zeiss Axiovert TV100 microscope and various peripherals such as motorized Prior stages and Sutter filter wheels that are controlled by Molecular Devices Metaseries 7.0 data acquisition and analysis software. The axiovert workstation is used for time lapse experiments such as ratio imaging of pH and calcium sensitive fluorescent indicators using the Hamamatsu ORCA ER camera. A recently purchased Prior piezo stage allows focus control with sub-nanometer precision and the acquisition of an image series in the z-dimension that can be deconvolved with Autoquant deconvolution software (available as a plug-in for Metamorph).

  • Keller port with c-mount
  • 2 additional photo ports with c-mount, one with zoom lens
  • DIC prisms
  • Sutter excitation and emission filter wheels, lambda 10-2 controller
  • Filter sets for FITC, TRITC, DAPI, GFP, FURA2, Cameleons, BCECF, pH GFP, SNARF1
  • Motorized Prior x,y stage (H107x135) with H128 controller
  • Prior piezo z-stage (motorized)
  • Rotating stage (can be used instead of Prior stages)
  • Uniblitz shutter
  • Peripherals are controlled by Metaseries 7.0 software (Metamorph, Metafluor; Molecular Devices)
  • Zeiss Objectives



Thursday May 26, 2016

Interim Director:
Dr. Eva Johannes
(919) 515 3525

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