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Hamamatsu ORCA ER

  • 8/12 bit grayscale, 1344 (h) x 1024 (v) pixels
  • for high resolution low light level fluorescence imaging
  • mostly used with Axiovert
  • controller and computer on wheeled cart
  • c-mount
  • 24 bit color camera with 3 cooled CCD chips for superior image quality
  • mainly used on Leica MZ FL III stereo microscope
  • adaptors available for Zeiss Axiophot, Leica IMBE, Leica DMLB
  • controller, dedicated computer and monitor on wheeled cart
  • analog video output
  • 24 bit/48 bit color cooled CCD camera
  • IEEE 1394 FireWire
  • 3 cameras (1 CMIF, 2 teaching) and 2 laptops (teaching), available to CMIF when not used for teaching
  • c-mount
  • analog video output, b/w
  • Argus-20 image processor
  • c-mount
  • analog video output, b/w
  • camera controller C2400
  • c-mount
  • analog video output, b/w
  • front filters removed for infra red imaging
  • c-mount

Sunday July 24, 2016

Dr. Eva Johannes
(919) 515 3525

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