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Zeiss Axio Observer Z1 (inverted)

  • port for Zeiss LSM 710 scan head
  • Camera port (C-mount adapter can be purchased)
  • Standard filter cubes (DAPI LP, FITC LP,TRITC, Cy5)
  • motorized programmable stage
  • wide range of DIC objectives for live cell imaging
  • dedicated to Zeiss LSM 710 confocal workstation

Leica IMBE (inverted)

  • camera port with c-mount adapter
  • objectives
  • standard filter cubes for FITC, TRITC, DAPI
  • galvo z-stage
  • motorized turret and z-control through RS port

Leica RXA (upright)

  • c-mount for camera port
  • objectives
  • DIC for 5x, 10x, 20x, 40x, 63x, 100x objectives
  • standard filter cubes for FITC, TRITC, DAPI
  • rotating stage
  • support cradle for sideways operation (gravity research)
  • motorized z-control

Leica MZ FLIII (fluorescence stereo microscope)

  • 1x, 0.63x, 1.6x Plan Apochromat objectives
  • filter sets for UV, GFP2, GFP3 (with band pass emission filter), Rhodamine
  • camera port with c-mount
  • main camera: Olympus DP71 color camera
  • motorized coarse and fine focus
  • Volpi lamp with ring-light and goose neck light
  • rotating stage and filter/prism insert for polarization microscopy
  • DIC prisms
  • camera port with c-mount adapter
  • 35mm camera
  • see available Zeiss objectives
  • Keller port with c-mount
  • filter sets for FITC, TRITC, DAPI, GFP
  • 2 additional photo ports with c-mount, one with zoom lens
  • DIC prisms
  • See Zeiss objectives list
  • Motorized Prior x,y stage (H107x135) with H128 controller
  • Prior piezo z-stage (motorized)
  • Rotating stage (can be used instead of Prior stages)



Thursday May 26, 2016

Dr. Eva Johannes
(919) 515 3525

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