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We would like you and other users of the facility to get the best images as quickly as possible. Our equipment is very delicate. It is important to treat it with respect and to know what you are doing. If you don't know, ask. Never force any knobs. Never turn Mercury lamps on with any computer or camera on. If you do, you are responsible for the damage. The facility policies below are enforced for the benefit of our users. They help us to run the facility efficiently. 

1. Project Approval..

Make an appointment to discuss your project, equipment needs and prospective timeline with Eva Johannes. During the course of your project we require for our records a brief description of the project, the instrumentation used, the results obtained and publication output. This information will be used to obtain funding to maintain and improve CMIF.

2. Equipment reservation. 

Once a project is approved contact Eva Johannes to set up an appointment for equipment usage and training. Please make sure you set up your appointment at least 3 business days ahead of time. If you are not able to use your allotted slot or get delayed you have to let us know (919-515-3525). You will lose your reservation if we don't hear from you within the first 30 min of your assigned time.

3. Proficiency in use of instrumentation.

Training on the simpler set-ups can be obtained quickly. For the more complicated equipment you will need to demonstrate to Eva Johannes your ability on the microscope before you can use it without supervision.

Report any breakage immediately to Eva Johannes. Don't leave something broken for us to discover, it might cause further damage. Make sure to clean up after yourself and leave the workstation as you found it. Take your data with you. We have CD and/or DVD burners available on each workstation.We are not responsible for any loss of data left on our computers and will delete data when the hard disk is getting full. 



Wednesday May 25, 2016

Dr. Eva Johannes
(919) 515 3525

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