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Please contact Eva Johannes to set up an appointment and indicate what equipment you would like to use. Appointments need to be made at least 3 business days ahead of time, especially if you need assistance. If your experiments require that the equipment is available at a specific day and time you need to make booking arrangements as early as possible. New projects need to be approved by Dr. Eva Johannes. Please see our policy for further details.

You can see the current schedule for many of our microscopes online by visiting the faces scheduling system and entering the following information:

  • Group: CMIF_NCSU
  • User Name: guest
  • Password: cmif-rules

Select the schedule you want to see from the pull down menu.

Facility users that are certified to use a particular instrument unsupervised and have undergone the required training will get an account that allows booking the resource online.



Saturday July 23, 2016

Dr. Eva Johannes
(919) 515 3525

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