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For training on any of our instruments please make an appointment with Eva Johannes. Training is customized to your specific imaging needs and is performed using your samples if possible. For projects that utilize one of our more complex workstations (confocal, lightsheet microscope and axioimager) you might need several hours of training during which we will help you to optimize protocols to streamline data acquisition. To get the most out of your imaging experience make sure you discuss your project with Eva Johannes before you start.

Dr. Eva Johannes offers a two credit course (BIT 595) in confocal microscopy that will enable students to thoroughly understand the theory behind light microscopy with special emphasis on confocal laser scanning microscopy. The students get hands-on experience with our Zeiss LSM 710 confocal microscope and by the end of the course should be able to design experiments and use the instrument unsupervised. It is advised to sign up early for this class. It fills up very quickly.


Sunday July 24, 2016

Dr. Eva Johannes
(919) 515 3525

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