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NC State’s PRTM Department is active worldwide in spreading our expertise and belief in the benefits of parks, recreation, sports and tourism for people, communities and economies.

Our faculty and staff conduct research projects with global partners, encourage frequent reciprocal professional visits from PRTM professionals from around the world and often attend or present at international conferences to assist members of the international community with their recreation, sports or tourism planning needs.

Each year, PRTM sponsors international student trips or study abroad programs. 

Study Abroad - Australia, the Greek Isles, Turkey or New Zealand!

Because we live in a global society, PRTM believes that every student can benefit from international study, work and play. A broader understanding of the world in which we live helps us be more successful both personally and professionally. To that end we encourage students to explore the many department, college and NC State international opportunities available to them. Study Abroad Student in Australia

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