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Millay Colony for the Arts
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By Users

View into wooded area from covered walkway

Covered walks protect users from bright sun and inclement weather. The level transition from the walk to the grass makes it possible for a person using a mobility aid to freely explore the grounds. Surface texture changes aid in orientation for people with little to no vision. d

"... I must say the most profound experience came from living in a universally-designed space and with someone with a disability. I will forever view the world differently and realize the potential that universal access presents."

"... What I found during my stay at Millay was a uniquely-level playing field. Millay is a place where my day-to-day needs as a wheelchair user are met through the ground-breaking commitment to the principles of universal design, but my creative needs are also met as well by allowing me access to the beautiful setting which surrounded me during my stay."

"The gift of being at a place like the Millay Colony is to have the time to work. All the extra things I have to do in a non-universal space add to my fatigue and detract from the energy I have for my work. In most places, my time is spent just figuring out how to get from point A to point B, and how many people I'm going to run into, and how many objects I'm going to trip over, and just where I'm going to meet my next obstacle-all that is removed in a universal space and I can concentrate on the task at hand. When I am at the Millay Colony, that task is my writing."

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