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Signage and Displays

Wayfinding and Lighting



Model of the White House with woman

Miniature models enhance the exhibit experience for visitors with and without sight, as well as for children and adults. d

Model of the White House and wheelchair

Pedestals with recessed bases provide clear floor space for a person in a wheelchair to comfortably execute a forward approach. d

Signage and Displays

Woman in wheelchair touching brick

Guide rail on which text and Braille labels are mounted, floor strips to alert visitor of presence of tactile exhibit, careful use of text, lighting, and height and placement of relief artifacts contribute to an exhibit that appeals to all visitors. d

Woman at tactile map

The scale and features of the U.S. Mall are shown on a tactile map. d

Tactile map of the Mall

The recessed base allows close approach by a visitor who uses a wheelchair or scooter. d

Life-sized figure of man in hat

This audio exhibit, activated by the button on the lower right, is highlighted in the text panel. A transcript also is available for visitors who are deaf or prefer to read rather than listen. d

Wayfinding and Lighting

Model of the U.S. Capitol

Floor strips at the base of the pedestal alert visitors to the model in front of them. d

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