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Macdonald House-Cridge Centre
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UD Principles This Project Typifies

View into kitchen over kitchen sink

Contrasting edge band on the counter top and sink rim help people with low vision identify and safely use the sink. d


Principle 1: Equitable Use

People with diverse physical, sensory and cognitive abilities can safely use the kitchen; features such as multiple height counters, pull down storage and strong visual contrasts assist use by a variety of residents, staff and visitors.


Principle 2: Flexibility in Use

Work centers and the cooktop, with knee space below, accommodate users who stand or sit (i.e., a wheelchair user or someone on a stool). These knee spaces are adaptable and can be replaced with cabinetry, if needs change. The smooth surface cooktop can be used as another food preparation surface when burners are not being used, and items can be easily transferred across it from counter to counter.


Principle 4: Perceptible Information

Tactile indicators are located on the cooktop controls to assist people with low or no vision to safely operate the appliance. Illuminated indicators on the cooktop alert sighted users when the elements are in use. (Notification of burner status for a non-sighted user may be inadequate.) Contrasting counter edges and back splash help identify depth. Smoke alarms with flashing lights and audible alerts offer redundant warning information.


Principle 5: Tolerance for Error

The removable protective panel, under the sink covering exposed plumbing, helps guard against potential burns and contact injuries. Slip-resistant flooring is used to prevent falls. GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) outlets, located on the face of the base cabinets, are convenient to use for small electrical appliances.


Principle 6: Low Physical Effort

The pull-down storage shelves reduce lifting of items into cabinets. "D"-shaped drawer and cabinet pulls provide easy gripping for seated users, or people with limited strength or dexterity. The custom sink cutting boards were designed to be flush with the counter top to facilitate sliding food and heavy pots from the cooking surface, across the sink, to the pass-through area. The pull-out hand spray faucet enables users to fill and clean pots with minimal lifting. The pass-through reduces the number of trips into and out of the kitchen.


Principles 7: Size and Space for Approach and Use

The open kitchen design includes adequate widths, heights, depths and floor area dimensions to provide enough space for multiple users to work in the kitchen together. All fixtures and appliances are provided with sufficient clear floor space to allow a person, using a mobility aid, to approach and use.

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