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GE New Home Essentials/Living Center
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Project Synopsis

Photograph of entire kitchen

A universal kitchen created primarily with mid-range conventional appliances and cabinetry. d

This model kitchen is designed to demonstrate how a kitchen can support a broad diversity of users and functions-a reality in the homes of today and in the future. The flexibility built into this design allows many of the elements to be personalized to fit the needs and wishes of most new homebuyers. This universal design approach focuses on product selection geared not to specific target buyers, but to support safer and easier food preparation and clean-up for a broader group. The emphasis is on the use of mid-range traditional products in non-traditional applications, eliminating the need for unconventional or specialized products. The raised dishwasher, for example, is easier for a seated user, but is also more comfortable for a standing person, a tall person, a pregnant woman, a person with a sports injury, and may even serve as an "easy clean" work surface for a young child helping in the kitchen. In addition, clear floor spaces and knee spaces offer ease of movement and maneuverability for users in wheelchairs or scooters and allow others to sit while performing certain tasks of meal preparation.

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