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Sensory Garden
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Information and Wayfinding

The Experience



Window into garden

A window cut in the hedge gives an enticing glimpse into the interior of the garden allowing visitors to create a mental map before actually entering the garden. d

Entrance Gate

The entrance gate, with its visual and tactile elements, offers an engaging experience for all visitors and mirrors the inner atmosphere when the Sensory Garden is closed. d



Information and Wayfinding

Tile wall at entrance

Relief tiles on the entrance wall and Braille labels on the backside of a conventional-appearing handrail provide identifying information on the plants found in the garden. d

Man at information board

The garden layout, readable by all visitors, is presented both tactilely and visually in the same informational board. Featured is standard print, Braille, a tactile map and push-button audio system. d

Entrance with pillars

Multiple wayfinding cues are incorporated to guide users and aid in orientation. Prominent ornamental pillars indicate the entrance to this section of the garden. d



The Experience

Bench in garden

The bench, with side and center armrests, provides a gripping surface for a visitor who may need additional support when sitting and rising. d


Man and sculpture

The height of the pedestal places the model within an optimal range to be easily examined by seated people, children and adults of short stature, as well as tall visitors. d

Man reaching toward lily

The pond level, elevated above the walking surface, makes it easy for all visitors to enjoy the multiple, sensory experiences of contact with water and aquatic plants without having to kneel, bend, stretch, or stoop. d





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