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Sensory Garden
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Project Synopsis


Bench and raised pond

Seating alcoves surrounded by water are provided with benches and sufficient clear floor space for people using either a wheelchair or scooter. d

The Sensory Garden in Osaka's Oizumi Ryokuchi Park invites exploration through the senses of sight, sound, smell, and touch. A revised philosophical approach promoting inclusion, the addition of universal features, a name change, and a new location in the park for this former "Garden of the Blind" provide recreational opportunities and a diversity of sensory experiences for all visitors. The garden supports this invitation with features such as an integrated wayfinding system, raised plant beds and walks that take visitors into seating areas surrounded by water. A variety of tactile displays and audio information, as well as opportunities to touch and smell flowers and to feel the water and sculptures, enrich everyone's experience in the garden.

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