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Tutorials created by: Dr. Alice Y. Scales, Ed.D.

Graphic Communications Program
Department of Mathematics, Science and Technology Education
North Carolina State University

This tutorials contains helpful information for getting started with AutoCAD software. They are designed to be part of an introductory course in technical graphics.

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AutoCAD Tutorials

The following tutorials introduces you to the basic functionality of AutoCAD. These tutorials build off each other and are meant be done in the order on the list.

  1. Tutorial 1 for Release 2000i - Creating a Titleblock
  2. Tutorial 2 for Release 2000i - Creating a Simple 2D Drawing
  3. Tutorial 3 for Release 2000i - Understanding the UCS and Creating a Simple Model
  4. Tutorial 4 for Release 2000i - Converting a Model to a Multiview Drawing
  5. Tutorial 5 for Release 2000i - Creating a More Advanced Model
  6. Tutorial 6 for Release 2000i - Dimensioning a Multiview Drawing

NOTE: Tutorials for AutoCAD Release 14, written by Dr. Alice Y. Scales, are also available at.

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