AutoCAD Command List

The ANGULAR DIMENSION command creates dimensions that indicate the angle between two elements.

To select the Angular dimension command you can:

select Angular under the Dimension Menu,


type dimang or dan at a Command: prompt,


click on the the Angular dimension button on the Dimensioning toolbar.

--Prompt: Command: Type dimang and Enter.

--Prompt: Select arc, circle, line, or <specify vertex>: Click on the first element you want to use for one side of the angle.

--Prompt: Select second line: Click on the second element you want to use for the other side of the angle.

--Prompt: Specify dimension arc line location or [Mtext/Text/Angle]: Click the LEFT mouse button on the desired position for the dimension text.

--Prompt: Dimension text= <dimension value>: AutoCAD indicates the numeric value of the angle selected. Press Enter to accept.

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