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The LEADER dimension command creates leader lines that can be used to add notes and dimensions to a drawing.

To access a Leader dimension you can:

select Leader under the Dimension Menu,


type lead at a Command: prompt,


click on the Leader button on the Dimensioning toolbar.

Prompt: Command: Type lead and press Enter.

Prompt: Specify leader start point: Click on an element or use an Osnap to select a leader origin.

--Prompt: Specify next point: Click the mouse to indicate the location for a bend in the leader line.

Prompt: Specify next point or [Annotation/Format/
/Undo] <Annotation>: Click the mouse to indicate a second bend or press Enter to accept the Annotation option so that you can type the text you wish to add at the end of the leader line, or type f and press Enter to select the Format option (see information on the Format options below).

*NOTE: You can make as many bends in a leader as you need.

If Annotiontion option is selected:

Prompt: Enter first line of annotiation text or <options>: press Enter to select Options

or start typing text and then press Enter.

If text was entered at the last prompt, the next prompt reads:

Prompt: Enter next line of annotation text: Add additional text or Enter to exit the command.


Leader Options:

Selecting FORMAT- produces the prompt:

Prompt: Spline/STraight/Arrow/
None/<Exit>: (See option explanations below.)

Option functions:

Spline/Straight-Spline produces a curved (spline) leader line. Straight produces a straight leader line.

Arrow/None-Allows you to remove or add Arrows at the end of the leader line. The default is with an Arrow.

Annotation-Prompts for text at the end of the leader.

Mtext-Brings up a text editor window that allows you to enter text for the leader.

Copy-Allows you to copy text, Dtext, or Mtext from the drawing to be placed at the end of the leader.

Block-Allows you to place a previously created BLOCK at the end of the leader.

None-Draws the leader with no annotation.

Undo-Allows you to undo the last bend (vertex) you added to a leader line.

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