INSERT Command:

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The INSERT command allows you to insert the contents of a file into another file.

To select the Insert command you can select Block... under the Insert Menu.

--In the Insert dialogue box: Click on the File... button, which brings up the Select Drawing File dialogue box.

--Locate the file you wish to insert through this dialogue box and click on Open to return to the Insert dialogue box.

--Prompt: Specify insertion point or [Scales/X/Y/Z/Rotate/PScale/PX/PY/PZ/Protate]: Either place the cursor and click with the LEFT mouse button, use an Osnap, an Absolute Coordinate, a Relative Rectangular Coordinate, or a Relative Polar Coordinate to locate the inserted object's position.

--Prompt: Enter X scale factor, specify opposite corner, or [Corner/XYZ] <1>: Type a value to scale the inserted object in the X direction or press Enter to keep the block its original size in the X direction.

--Prompt: Enter Y scale factor <use X scale factor>:): Type a value to scale the inserted object in the Y direction or press Enter to accept same scale factor used for X.

--Prompt: Specify rotation angle <0>: Type a desired angle or press Enter to accept original angle of the inserted item.

*NOTE: If you slide your mouse around during several Insert command prompts, the size, shape, and angle of the inserted object may change. AutoCAD's default selection is a "mouse pick" (a click of the LEFT mouse button in the drawing area), and it is preparing to use that option, which accounts for the changes in the inserted object's look during the command prompts.

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