OFFSET Command:

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The OFFSET command allows you to copy selected entities (lines, arcs, circles, plines or others) and place the copy at a specific distance from the original or through an existing position on another element (such as the endpoint of a line, center of a circle, etc.). An OFFSET item will be parallel or concentric to its original.

To access the Offset command you can:

type offset at a Command: prompt


type of at a Command: prompt


select the Offset button on the Drawing toolbar.

--Prompt: Specify offset distance or through <through>: Press Enter to select the default of through (for through a position on another entity) or type a value for the distance you want the offset to be from the original.

--Prompt: Select object to offset or <exit>: Place the cursor on the element you wish to copy and click the LEFT mouse button. The selected object will change to a dashed line. Only one feature can be selected.

If Through was selected:

-Prompt: Specify through point: Use an Osnap, an Absolute Coordinate, a Relative Rectangular Coordinate, or Relative Polar Coordinate to select the point to place the offset object through.

If a distance was typed at the prompt:

--Prompt: Specify point on side to offset: With the LEFT mouse button, click on the side of the original where you want the parallel copy located. See the FIGURE below.

NOTE: The last prompt will continue until you press Enter TWICE to get back to a Command: prompt and exit the Offset command.

Offset copies of lines are always parallel to the original.
Offset copied of an arc or circle are always CONCENTRIC with the original.

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