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The PLINE command allows you to create "grouped" objects that can be extruded, given line width on the screen, and can contain arc segments.

To access the Pline command you can:

type pline or pl at a Command: prompt


select Polyline under the Draw Menu.

**NOTE: Like a Polygon, a Polyline (PLINE) object is grouped. To change a segment in the Pline grouping you must Explode it so that it is ungrouped and the elements are standard lines and arcs.

**NOTE: Since it is harder to create objects from Polylines, it is usually easier to create the object out of standard lines, arcs, and circles and then convert it to Polylines using Pedit's Join option.

—Prompt: Specify start point: To start the pline, click on the screen with the Left mouse button, type in a coordinate, or use an Osnap.

—Prompt: Current line-width is 0.0000

—Prompt: Specify next point or [Arc / Close / Halfwidth / Lenth / Undo / Width]: select an option or select the next end of the Pline segment.


Close - Connect the last segment of a pline with the first.

Length - Draws a pline segment at the same angle as and connected to the previous segment using a length you specify. If the last element was an Arc, the new segment is tangent to the Arc.

Undo - Reverses that last Polyline operation.

Arc - Allows you to create a Pline arc, which can be added to an existing segment, or used to begin a Pline object. NOTE: When Arc is selected: Prompt changes to: Angle / CEnter / CLose / Direction / Halfwidth / Line / Radius / Second pt / Undo / Width / <Endpoint of Arc>:

ARC Options:

Angle - Creates an Arc through a specific number of degrees. A negative value for the angle creates an Arc that is clockwise in direction.

CEnter - Allows you to specify a center point for the Arc segment.

CLose- Closes the Pline segment by connecting it to the first segment created.

Direction- Allows you to select a starting direction for the arc instead of using the ending direction of the previous segment as a default.

Line- Switches back to drawing line segments instead of arcs.

Radius - Allows you to specify a radius for the arc.

Second pt - Allows you to create an arc through three points.

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