POLYGON Command:

AutoCAD Command List

The POLYGON command allows you to create regular polygons (polygons with equal sides and angles).

To select the Polygon Command you can:

select Polygon under the Draw Menu,


type polygon and then press ENTER at a Command: prompt,


click on the Polygon button.

--Prompt: Enter number of sides <4>: Type in a value for the number of sides for the polygon.

--Prompt: Specify center of polygon or [Edge]: Select the location for the polygon's center with an Absolute Coordinate, a Relative Rectangular Coordinate, a Relative Polar Coordinates, or an Osnap and press Enter.

Prompt: Enter an option [Inscribed in circle/Circumscribed about circle]: Type i (for across the corners) or c (for across the flats) and then press Enter.

--Prompt: Specify radius of circle: Type a value for the radius and press Enter.

NOTE: A polygon is a group or single entity in AutoCAD. To modify a polygon, you must Explode it first.

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