UNDO and REDO: Command

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UNDO and U will undo the last thing or group of things that you did. REDO will redo a command that was previously UNDONE.

To Undo the Last Thing You Did:

Type u at a Command: prompt and press Enter.
The last thing you did will be reversed.

NOTE: You can use u inside of many commands to undo something without having to exit the command. It is listed as one of the options.

For Example:
If you are in the
Line command and place the endpoint of a line incorrectly, type u at the next prompt and AutoCAD will remove the last point you added.

To Undo Mulitple Steps:

Use the Undo command to reverse multiple steps.

You can access the Undo command by:

typing undo at a Command: prompt,


selecting the Undo button.

AutoCAD will ask you for the number of steps you wish to undo.
Type in the number of steps and press Enter.

To Redo the Last Undo:

Use the Redo command to reverse the last undo.

You can access the Redo command by:

typing redo at a Command: prompt and pressing Enter,


selecting the Redo button .

NOTE: REDO will only undo the last Undo and must be used immediately after the Undo.

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