AutoCAD Command List

The VIEW POINT command allows you to change your viewing position relative to a drawing or model in AutoCAD.

To access this command you can:

type vpoint or vp at a Command: prompt


select 3D Views and then VPOINT under the View Menu.

--Prompt: Current view direction: VIEWDIR=0.0000,0.0000,1.0000

--Prompt: Specify a view point or [Rotate] <display compass and tripod>: Type r to select the rotate option and press Enter.

--Prompt: Enter angle in XY plane from X axis <270>: Type the desired angle in the XY plane.
--Prompt: Enter angle from XY plane <90>: Type desired angle from the XY plane.

See the explanation below.

The default angle for viewing models in AutoCAD is 270 and 90 degrees. Look at the Figure below to see this orientation. You are oriented at the 270 degree point on a flat XY plane and angled at a 90 degree angle to the flat XY plane.

In the Figure below, the VIEW POINT has been changed to 300 IN the XY plane and 35 degrees FROM the XY plane. .

To obtain a nearly isometric view of the model use 300 for the angle IN the XY plane, and 35 degrees for the angle FROM the XY plane. (NOTE: True isometric views can be difficult to interpret in a wireframe, so this one gives you a slightly different angle.)

To view a model from the FRONT use 270 and 0 degrees.

To view a model from the TOP use 270 and 90 degrees.

To view a model from the RIGHT SIDE use 0 and 0 degrees.

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