COPY Command:

AutoCAD Command List

The COPY command allows you to create duplicates of existing objects and place the copy or copies at a specified location.

To access the Copy command you can:

type copy, co or cp at a Command: prompt


select Copy under the Modify Menu.

--Prompt: Select objects: Select the item/s you wish to copy.

--Prompt: Select objects: Either select additional items or press Enter to move to the next prompt.

--Prompt: <Basepoint or displacement> Multiple: Use an Osnap or coordinate to locate a position on the original item being copied or type m to indicate you wish to make multiple copies of an item(s). (The BASEPOINT selected is the point AutoCAD uses to locate the copy.)

**If Multiple was selected: You will then be asked for a Basepoint in the next prompt.

--Prompt: Second point of displacement: Use an Osnap or coordinate to place the copy of the selected item.

**If Multiple was selected: You stay in this prompt until you have placed all the copies and press Enter to exit the command.

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