MOVE Command:

AutoCAD Command List

Move allows you to change the position of an entity or entities.

To select the Move command you can:

select Move under the Modify Menu,


click on the Move button,


type move at a Command: prompt and press Enter.

--Prompt: Select objects: Click on object(s) you wish to move with left mouse button and press Enter.

--Prompt: Select objects: Select additional objects or press Enter to move to the next prompt.

--Prompt: Specify base point or displacement: Select a reference point on the object you are moving by using an Absolute Coordinate, a Relative Rectangular Coordinate, a Relative Polar Coordinate, an Object Snap (Osnap), or by clicking the LEFT mouse button on the screen.

*NOTE: The BASEPOINT can be either on an element in the drawing or a coordinate in space. AutoCAD uses the BASEPOINT as the position it moves the object/s from. It will move the object/s either the distance you specify from this basepoint or place the BASEPOINT at a new position you specify (the end of a line, coordinate point, etc).

If you have selected more than one item to move, these items with be moved the same distance, but the relative distance/s and position/s of the items to each other will remain the same.

--Prompt: Specify second point of displacement: Use a coordinate (absolute, relative rectangular or relative polar) or an Osnap to indicate where you want the item/s to be moved to. The object(s) will move to the new location.

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