ZOOM Command:

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The ZOOM command allows you to change the display size of a drawing on the computer screen.

To select the Zoom command you can:

select Zoom on the View Menu


type z or zoom at a Command: prompt.

-- Prompt: All/Center/Dynamic/ Extents/Previous/Window /Scale (X/XP)<Realtime>: Type the capital letter of the Zoom option you wish to use. The default option is Realtime.

Useful Zoom selections:
 Zooms to the edges of the drawing.
 Returns to the last Zoom view.
 During this Zoom option, the cursor changes to a magnifying glass. To use Realtime Zoom, click and hold down the LEFT mouse button in the drawing area and slide the mouse up and down to change the drawing display size. To exit, press the Esc key or click the right mouse button for further options.


type v

 Zooms out to farthest limits of drawing space. This command is not listed as an option by the Zoom prompts. Type a v when the Zoom option list appears in the prompt window to select this option.
 Click the LEFT mouse button in the drawing area, let go of the button, drag the mouse to form a rectangular selection area, and click LEFT button again. The part of the drawing contained in the selection area will enlarge.

 Scale X

Type a scale factor followed by the letter X.
If you type 2x, AutoCAD doubles the current view of the drawing on the screen. If you type .5x, it halves the view of the drawing on the screen.

 Zoom XP

 Allows you to scale a view in the Model side of Paper Space. To use Zoom XP, click in a viewport window and activate the Zoom command. At the prompt, type a zoom factor followed by the letters XP.

Example: 1xp returns the view to the original projected size and 2xp would make the view in the window twice the paper units.

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