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Definition of Peer Review

Definition of Peers

Types of Reviews

Formative Procedures

Summative Procedures

Summary of Best Practices

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Formative Review of Course Materials

For formative review (developmental), reading any course materials can enable the reviewer or mentor to see the instructor's teaching philosophy in action. Reviewing materials is unobtrusive, can take place at a time and place suitable to the schedule of the reviewer, and the amount of information that can be gained is significant.

The instructor may request that specific items are reviewed for specific reasons or a general approach may be taken. Some examples of the use of course materials are listed below:

  • Tests and exams - level of learning goals
  • Graded tests, written work, or projects - level of learning goals, achievement of learning goals, and how the instructor provides feedback
  • Syllabus - logical organization, content, rigor, and expectations



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