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Summative Review of Course Materials

When used in summative evaluation (for personnel decisions), review of course materials is typically conducted to provide one point of information on the instructor's overall effectiveness, compared with others in the same academic unit or profession. Often, this work is delegated to a sub-committee of the department's personnel committee or the materials may be reviewed by the entire personnel committee. After the materials are reviewed, the members of the committee often write an assessment that becomes part of the final dossier that is reviewed.

When a summative review covers several years of work, it may be difficult to decide what is a representative sample out of the volume of materials that could be submitted. The most frequent method of reviewing these materials is by requesting the faculty member being reviewed to submit a portfolio of materials. Another method is to make requests for specific materials. Any type of course materials can be requested including but not limited to course syllabus, tests, graded tests, written work, projects, bibliography, overhead transparencies, handouts and computer simulations

Possible categories of course materials for review by the faculty review committee:

  • Materials that illustrate course organization, structure, policies, and procedures
  • Materials that illustrate course content
  • Materials that set assignments and assess student performance and learning outcomes
  • Materials that illustrate feedback provided to students
  • Materials that communicate instructor's teaching philosophy, goals, and reasons for using specific teaching practices


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