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Definition of Peer Review

Definition of Peers

Types of Reviews

Formative Procedures

Summative Procedures

Summary of Best Practices

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Summative Procedures

Colleagues (peers) are generally considered the best reviewers for aspects of teaching such as content expertise, pedagogical strategies, and assessment strategies. The literature on peer review is consistent in suggesting that the areas of review listed by Peter Seldin in 1984.

Seldin (1984, pp. 139-140) includes the following:

  1. Selection and mastery of course content
  2. Appropriateness of course objectives and instructional materials
  3. Appropriate methodology for teaching specific sections of courses
  4. Appropriate techniques to foster and measure student learning
  5. Course organization
  6. Student acheivement based on exams, projects, presentations, and reports
  7. Concern for and interest in teaching
  8. Homework assignments, textbooks, and handouts



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