Lutz Kube

Lutz Kube was born in Dresden, when it was still East Germany. After receiving a master’s degree in German Studies from Humboldt University in Berlin, Lutz worked for the Academy of Arts in that city. What brought Lutz to America was his wife, who studied abroad in East Berlin (very adventurous for the time), and came back to Berlin after the fall of the wall when he met her. That was Lutz’s first positive study abroad connection.

Lutz received my Ph.D. in German from UNC, and came to NC State in 1999, where he is a Teaching Assistant Professor in the Department of Foreign Languages. He enjoy teaching at all language levels, and coordinates the German Minor Program. Lutz’s publications are on German writers Stefan George, Günter Grass, and Botho Strauß.  The Vienna program gives Lutz an opportunity to spend time in a German speaking country every summer, and to keep in touch with the German speaking culture.

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Where do you lead a program?

Vienna, Austria

How long have you run your study abroad program?

Since 2006

What makes your study abroad program unique?

The program in Vienna is the only NCSU summer program in a German speaking country. We have a great relationship with our local contact, Internationales Kulturinstitut. They not only provide great German language instruction, but also organize activities like preparing an Austrian meal with Schnitzel, potato salad and apple strudel, and hikes in the mountains around Vienna.

What stands out as your favorite memory from the study abroad programs that you have directed?

One great aspect of study abroad is to see how a group of students who often did not know each other before grows together.  One year, this process started right after we stepped out of the Vienna airport and saw a car with a UNC sticker. The collective “boo” was the first group building experience.

If you could give prospective students one piece of advice about study abroad, what would it be?

You will get more out of a study abroad program if you study about your destination, - it’s history, culture, sights-, in advance.

What are you looking for from the students who apply to your program?

I am looking for open mindedness to a new culture. Being a team player is important, as well as having a curiosity to learn.

What is the most rewarding aspect of being a Faculty Director?

It is rewarding to see students get excited about the culture of the city of Vienna, even though most of the often did not much about it beforehand.

If you could give new Faculty Directors of study abroad programs one piece of advice about leading a program, what would it be?

Build strong local contacts. They are very important for the success of a program.

What marketing tips would you suggest to your fellow Faculty Directors to encourage more NC State students to study abroad?

I do classroom visits in German classes (a target group for my program), give a 5 minute presentation, and give out flyers. I also involve students who participated in previous years in the recruitment process (study abroad fair, info sessions).