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Susan Moore is Extension Associate Professor and Director of the Forestry & Environmental Outreach Program in the Department of Forestry & Environmental Resources in NC State University’s College of Natural Resources. Her outreach activities include continuing education for natural resource professionals, landowner education, K-12 teacher training, increasing capacity of conservation organizations, and international extension and engagement to promote sustainable natural resource management and stewardship.

Susan’s international experience includes work in Japan, forestry study tours to Ecuador and Guatemala, and ongoing research and extension work in Southern Chile. In addition to co-directing Study Abroad trips to Chile in 2007, 2008 and 2010, in winter 2008-2009 she completed a four month research and extension project at the University Austral in Chile where she worked on the development of an extension program in native forest management and supervised a doctoral student’s work in community-based conservation. Susan’s other research interests include forest certification and conservation-based development, and she has co-developed and taught a graduate course in Global Forest Sustainability.

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Where do you lead a program?

Southern Chile

How long have you run your study abroad program?

Since 2007

What makes your study abroad program unique?

A long standing and ongoing relationship between our department and two universities in Chile, including our access to their forestry faculty and graduate students while abroad.

What stands out as your favorite memory from the study abroad programs that you have directed?

Taking 18 large suitcases, boxes and bins full of donated supplies, as well as tents, cots and tarps for the earthquake victims this past March, when our 2010 spring break study abroad trip went to Chile two weeks after the massive earthquake. Our students graciously agreed to carry on their luggage and use their checked bag allowance for the donations. These donations really made a difference to families in two small, particularly hard hit villages that our Chilean colleagues identified.

If you could give prospective students one piece of advice about
study abroad, what would it be?

Take full advantage of these opportunities while you are a student, later in life you will not have these incredible options for traveling the world and experiencing cross-cultural education with university faculty, at very reasonable cost. Use study abroad courses to enrich your life and your NCSU experience.

What are you looking for from the students who apply to your program?

Intellectual and cultural curiosity, open mindedness and patience!

What is the most rewarding aspect of being a Faculty Director?

Taking students who have never traveled out of the US before, and sharing their excitement at experiencing another culture - being able to give students that experience.

If you could give new Faculty Directors of study abroad programs one piece of advice about leading a program, what would it be?

Start your planning early.

What marketing tips would you suggest to your fellow Faculty Directors to encourage more NC State students to study abroad?

Push the scholarship opportunities, make a short presentation with interesting and compelling photos/information, and ask other faculty if you can present it in their classes. Market it to the students you teach or advise.