Roger and Annette Moore

We have been married for 31 years and have two adult daughters. We have lived in many different parts of the country including the Mid-Atlantic, New England, the Southwest, the Rockies, and now NC and have really enjoyed getting to know the people and natural features of each region. We have both been faculty members in the department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management for over 15 years. We love the outdoors, traveling, and exploring natural places.

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Where do you lead a program?

North Queensland, Australia, and New Zealand

How long have you run your study abroad program?

2011 will be the 5th summer we have led the North Queensland program since 2005. Although the New Zealand program has been run twice before, this will be our first opportunity to be the program directors of that very successful program.

What makes your study abroad program unique?

Both of these programs are unique in two ways. They focus on the sustainability of natural resources and cultures, and they are both based almost entirely on experiential field experiences. We spend very little time in classrooms, but travel to spectacular national parks and other natural areas to learn first-hand about the ecology, natural and cultural significance, and complex challenges facing each. Students on our programs come from a wide variety of backgrounds and majors, so each contributes greatly to the success of the experiences. Camaraderie, understanding, and respect, are important foundations on which our programs are built. As faculty directors, we explore, learn and grow alongside our students, who we see as "co-explorers" on these trips.

What stands out as your favorite memory from the study abroad programs that you have directed?

The sense of wonder on students' faces as they explore unique and fragile natural environments, and the determination many of them express about living deliberately and when they return home.

If you could give prospective students one piece of advice about study abroad, what would it be?

Do it! It may sound cliché' but studying abroad really will change your life in profound ways. There is nothing like seeing another part of our wonderful world, getting to know people in other cultures, then returning home with a new perspective.

What are you looking for from the students who apply to your program?

Open minds, positive attitudes, flexibility, group mindedness, and the willingness to learn from and engage with people of other cultures.

What is the most rewarding aspect of being a Faculty Director?

We love sharing our passion for natural areas, building relationships with our students and our local hosts, and seeing students bond as a group. But the most rewarding part is seeing students transforming into better informed future leaders and global citizens.

If you could give new Faculty Directors of study abroad programs one piece of advice about leading a program, what would it be?

Relate to your students as the fellow explorers and life-long learners they are.

What marketing tips would you suggest to your fellow Faculty Directors to encourage more NC State students to study abroad?

Make the program outstanding. Past participants are your best ambassadors.