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Example 1- Selma Middle School, Selma, Indiana 

Dear Parents, 

Selma Middle School has the ability to enhance your child's education through the use of computers. Your child will be able to communicate through electronic mail and Internet. Electronic mail is the sending and receiving of messages through the use of a computer account and password. Internet is a network of information available through the use of a computer. Internet allows your child the opportunity to reach out to many other people, share information, learn concepts, etc. 
Your child may be communicating with other students or adults from other parts of the world. 

It is very important that messages sent over electronic mail be written appropriately. The reason for this is that the people receiving the messages can forward the messages to others or post them on 
electronic bulletin board systems for anyone to read. Therefore, the messages should not contain profanity, obscene comments, sexually explicit material, expressions of bigotry, racism, or hate. Also they should not contain personal information that you would not want any stranger to have such as your name, address, or phone number. 
With this educational opportunity also comes responsibility. It is important that you and your child read the ethics code and discuss it together. When your child is given an account number and allowed to use the computers it is extremely important that the rules are followed. The use of inappropriate material may result in the loss of the privilege to use this educational tool. Parents, remember that you are legally responsible for your child's actions. Please stress to your child the importance of using only his or her own account number and password and the importance of keeping it a secret from other students. Your child should under NO circumstances let anyone else use their account number and password!! 
Please take time to sit down with your child to read and discuss the Rules and Code of Ethics for Selma Middle School Computer Users. Then sign and return to us the statement provided as soon as possible. 

Selma Middle School Staff 

As a computer user I agree to follow the rules and code of ethics in all of my work with computers while attending Selma Middle School. 

I.  I recognize that all computer users have the same right to use the equipment;  therefore, 

  • I will not play games or use the computer resources for other non-academic activities when others require the system for academic purposes; 
  • I will not waste nor take supplies, such as paper, printer ribbons, and diskettes, that are provided by Selma Middle School; and When I am in a computer lab, I will talk softly and work in ways that will not disturb other users. 
II.  I recognize that software is protected by copyright laws; therefore, I will not make unauthorized copies of software found on school computers, either by copying them onto my own diskettes or onto other computers through electronic mail or bulletin boards; and I will not give, lend, or sell copies of software to others unless I have the written permission of the copyright owner or the original software is clearly identified as shareware or in the public domain. 

III. I recognize also that the work of all users is valuable; therefore, I will protect the privacy of others' areas by not trying to learn their passwords;  I will not copy, change, read, or use files in another user's area, without that user's prior permission; I will not attempt to gain unauthorized access to system programs or computer equipment; I will not use computer systems to disturb or harass other computer users by sending unwanted mail or by other means; and I will not download information onto the hard drives of any Selma Middle School computer for permanent storage. I will download information onto diskettes if planning to store the information for more than one week. 

IV. Violations of the rules and code of ethics described above will be dealt with seriously. Violators will lose computer privileges. 

Please sign and return. 

We, the parents of have read and discussed the above Rules and Code of Ethics for 
Selma Middle School Computer Users with our child. 

Parent's signature 


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