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Example 3 - Waiakea Intermediate School, Hilo, Hawaii 


The Hawaii Department of Education has a pilot Internet project this year for about 30 school sites. We were all required to develop/modify school level policies based on a general State Level draft before any of our students could receive accounts. Each student must sign responsibility/behavior contracts, get a teacher approval and a parent approval. The students now have access only to gopher and e-mail. Several have found routes to complete services through parents who 
work at our local university or with one of the research telescope facilities, but I have seen no sign of abuse, or great shock coming from either the kids or parents in these cases. 

Our school is grades 6-8, 1150 students, of which only 25 have accounts. We are located in Hilo, on the Big Island of Hawaii. 

Kalama [the lamp of knowledge] is our host computer at the University of Hawaii, Manoa. We have toll-free access by modem via the state-wide Hawaii FYI service , so many of the students connect from their home computers. 

 Waiakea Intermediate School Draft - Kalama Use Policy - Draft 24 September 1993 

These policies shall apply to all users, students, teachers and administrators, of telecommunications systems which are entered via equipment and access lines located at Waiakea Intermediate School, or who obtain their access privileges through association with this school. 


The purpose of this policy is to insure school-level compliance with policies and guidelines concerning the Internet and Kalama which may be generated at State, National and international levels, and to help assure the school's opportunity to access Kalama, other existing Internet computer sites, and those telecommunications and networking programs which may be developed in the future. 

Training and Compliance 

All Kalama and other network users at Waiakea Intermediate School, and those who obtain access through affiliation with Waiakea Intermediate School will be trained in and will comply with all Policies and Guidelines adopted by the DOE Office of Information and Telecommunication Services. All such users will be trained in "Netiquette", Electronic Communication Ethics and User 
Responsibilities. Prior to application for Kalama access all students must demonstrate awareness and ability in telecommunications, by completing the telecommunications portion of Computer Literacy or other coursework offered by the school, or by demonstrating such awareness and ability to the sponsoring teacher. 

Copyrighted material 

In order to protect intellectual property rights and the continued availability of network access, Waiakea Intermediate School network users will adhere to Superintendent Toguchi's September 1, 1993 memorandum Use of Video/Technology Materials and any subsequent DOE copyright policies. Computer software which is protected under the copyright laws will not be transmitted via the network nor stored on any school computers without the express written permission of 
the copyright owner. 

Consequences of Inappropriate Network Behavior 

Any user who does not comply with Policies and Guidelines will lose network privileges for a period of not less than one week. Repeated, or severe, infractions of the Policies and Guidelines may result in termination of access privileges permanently. Student infractions may result in appropriate disciplinary action in addition to suspension or termination of access privileges. Unauthorized use of the network, intentional deletion or damage to files and data belonging to other users, or copyright violations may be termed theft as defined under DOE Chapter 19, and/or the Hawaii Revised Statutes. 

Technology Committee  

The school level policies may be altered by action of the WIS Technology Committee at any of its regular meetings, or by consensus of the school faculty at a regular meeting called for that purpose. 

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