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Acceptable Use Policies

  The following are four examples of Acceptable Use Policies. These samples may be used as a guideline to write the policy for your school or district. It is the responsibility of the contact person for the use of the Water What-ifs project to have the signatures of the student and the parents or guardians on an "Acceptable Use Policy" before the students are permitted to use the Water Quality Forum. 

This information on developing a school or district "Acceptable Use Policy" for Student and Staff Access to the Internet is provided by: 

Clancy J. Wolf, Ed. D.  
Educational Technology Coordinator  
Olympic Educational Service District 114  
Bremerton, Washington  

Example 1 - Selma Middle School, Selma, Indiana  
Example 2 - Northville Public Schools (Michigan)  
Example 3 - Waiakea Intermediate School, Hilo, Hawaii   
Example 4 - Exemplary School District 
(Recommended by the author)  

Additional information about these policies and their use can be found at: 

Developing a School or District "Acceptable Use Policy" for Student and Staff Access to the Internet 


The following is a list of web sites with additional samples of acceptable use policies and ways in which they can be implemented in your school. The last web site which is listed is a template which may be used as a guide in creating a policy for your school or district.  

Acceptable Use Policies 

Acceptable Use Policy for the Exploration and  
Utilization of the Internet in Dade County 

Creating an Acceptable Use Policy for School Online Systems 

TENET AUP & Other Samples and Resources 

Web66: Part of U of MN Mustang Project 

Internet Acceptable Use Policy Template

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