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Web Projects 

Collaborative Learning Environments Online (CLEO) 
Where classrooms engaged in math and science inquiry projects can exchange, analyze and discuss data with others around the world. This project contains both collaborative and independent projects. 

Internet Grocery List 
A project designed to collect and share data on the prices of everyday
grocery items from all around the world. 

Four Community Web Projects 
The projects include EnergyNet, Global Lab, Classroom FeederWatch Project and CyberMarch and are provided by TERC-the Testbed for Telecollaborations. Each telecollaboration project participates in its own community web. This virtual space contains tools for sharing experimental data automatically, an area for group discussion, and pointers to resources elsewhere on the Web related to the experiment. 

Journey North 
A project to track spring's progress across the Northern Hemisphere. 
Look for these signs to indicate the coming of spring. 

The Center for Improved Engineering and Science Education (CIESE)
The project helps bring the experience of the center to the K-12 sector for the purpose of enhancing the curriculum. 

KIDPROJ has been set up for the exchange, among schools and youth groups, of curriculum based activities and other projects of educational or informative nature. 

EnviroNet Monitoring Projects for 2000-2001 
EnviroNet is a network of teachers, scientists, environmental educators and others who utilize telecommunications to enhance environmental science education.

Data Sets
Solar Eclipse Data Sets
Ready to download into your spreadsheet program, solar eclipse data from Science Junction.

Dr. B's Wide World of Web Data 
This site contains numerous data sets including data from the Environmental Protection Agency and the Census Bureau.

Stat-lib from Carnegie Mellon University 
This site contains numerous data sets from all over the world on every conceivable topic.

U.S. Monthly Precipitation from the National Climatic Data Center 
This site contains historical monthly precipitation data for all U.S. cooperative and National Weather Service stations.

Web Project Search Page

Global SchoolHouse-Collaborative Learning Projects
?_prod=LS&_nav=T2_proj The one stop web page for online opportunities for teachers to collaborate and communicate.

Using Microsoft Excel to Analyze Data
Consultant's Guide to Microsoft Excel

Beginning and Intermediate Microsoft Excel 97

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