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Web Sites for Watersheds and Water Quality
Acid Rain and pH
The Acid Rain Program 

Acid Rain and You 

The pH Factor-Acid Rain 

The pH Factor-All about pH 

Water Properties-pH 

About Temperature 

Temperature Conversion Calculator

Unit Conversion Calculator

Drinking Water
Water On Tap: A Consumer's Guide to the Nation's Drinking Water

Rivers, Lakes and Streams

American Rivers Project 

GREEN-Global Rivers Environmental Education Network 

Aquatic Organisms
Macroinvertebrates and Habitats-A guide from the Environmental Protection Agency.

Simple Aquatic Insect Identification 

Major Stream Invertebrates 

The Stream Study
A web page which helps to determine the water quality of a stream based on the collection and identification of macroinvertebrates. 

An Introduction to Benthic Macroinvertebrates 

Water Fit for a Bug

Resources and Activities
Water Contamination Activity 

Water References, Resources and Activities from the Franklin Instititute 

Environmental Education Activities by Teachers for Teachers

Currents of Hope: Reclaiming the Neuse River

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