Download the Eclipse 98 Dataset

Select the spreadsheet file format you would like to download by clicking on the appropriate label.  The files will download to your computer.  The Macintosh files are binhexed, and when downloaded should transform into self-extracting archives (just click on the downloaded file, and it will decompress automatically).  The PC files are ZIPped, and will need decompressed when downloaded to your PC using a ZIP utility program.

Macintosh Spreadsheets

Clarisworks 5.0 spreadsheet (binhexed Self-Extracting Archive)
  Clarisworks 4.0 spreadsheet (binhexed Self-Extracting Archive)
Microsoft Excel 5.0 spreadsheet (binhexed Self-Extracting Archive)
   Microsoft Excel 4.0 spreadsheet (binhexed Self-Extracting Archive)

PC Spreadsheets

Microsoft Excel 97 spreadsheet (ZIPped)

Microsoft Excel 5.0 spreadsheet (ZIPped)

Microsoft Excel 4.0 spreadsheet (ZIPped)

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Page updated 2/24/99
John C. Park